Two Sessions | "Evolution" of Laser Equipment of HGTECH Based on the Proposal of Ma Xinqiang, the NPC Deputy In 2021, the National Two Sessions kicked off. Ma Xinqiang, deputy of the 13th National People's Congress and chairman of HGTECH, proposed in this year's motion: to further promote the development of high-end equip... more
We keep Going with Spring Breeze Good Start to Get Back to Work As the saying goes A good beginning is half the battle Let's take a look On the first day of construction in the Year of the Ox What kind of surprise start is waiting for everyone!   Open the door and get... more
Good Start to Get Back to Work| HG Technology "Rushes" to New Journey In the warm sun in early spring, we ushered in the first working day of the Year of the Ox. In fact, before the start of the whole staff, during the Spring Festival this year, more than a thousand HGC employees stayed a... more
In-depth Analysis | A Report to Face Mask Laser + Medical health   At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic caused by the new coronavirus raged across the country. Because masks can effectively block the intrusion of droplets, blood, body fluids and secret... more
Conversation| Jiangang Wangle, the general manager of HGLaser Precision Business Group: Change is only in progress, not completed During the lunch break, Jiangang Wang, the general manager of HGLaser Precision Business Group, still kept ringing on his phone, and he was busy handling arrangements. The market environment is changing rapidly, a... more
【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】Follow-up Regular Customers Report | Nanjing Darui Metal Cutting Co,.Ltd: One machine better than 6 people,it is the confidence to take big orders At the fourth stop, we came to Nanjing Darui Mental Cutting Co.Ltd (Darui) to see how the founder Hongfa Chen used perspective thinking to bring transformation and upgrades to the development of th... more
HGTECH Shows On Electronica South China Electronica South China started on November 3rd, 2020     With the theme of Boundless Laser Application, Intelligent Perspective   Future,HGLaser showed plastic welding performance a... more
Spotlights On The 17th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Expo| Innovation Is the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation is the eternal melody of the times and the engine of the development of the digital future. From November 11th to 13th, HGTECH apperance at The 17th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Expo with ... more
HGTECH Product with Ultra-long Service Life! High quality + good service + time-tested, you deserve it More than a month ago, HGLaser, a core subsidiary of HGTECH, issued the strongest convening order: to find those "The kings of super long running" that have been in service for more than ten years and h... more
【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】 Follow-up Regular Customers Report|GLF: HGlaser, partner in manufacuring October 【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】 2020 HGlaser is hitting the road on follow-up customers Look into market Visit a large amount of cooperation company with HGlaser Narrate the stories about coo... more
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