Laser Drilling and Cutting in the Production Process of Ceramic Circuit Boards In the process of ceramic circuit board processing and production, laser plays its role in drilling and cutting.     Ceramic materials such as alumina and aluminum nitride have the advantages of high... more
Zhang Yi, Hunan University: The realization of intelligent laser welding will bring greater explosiveness to the market In recent years, laser welding has ushered in rapid development and is considered to be "the next explosive point of laser technology after cutting applications." However, laser welding has a relatively low marke... more
Process Requirements for Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Thick Plates With the increasing economic development, the application fields of stainless steel medium and thick plates have become more and more extensive. The products manufactured by it are now widely used in construction engineeri... more
Basic Knowledge of Laser Cutting Laser was firstly used for cutting in the 1970s. In modern industrial production line, laser cutting is more widely used in sheet metal, plastics, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, textiles, wood and paper and other materia... more
Pico-second Laser Curved Glass 3D Cutting Represent Success of Laser Application Solution for Brittle Material Industry With the advent of the technological revolution in the precision manufacturing industry, brittle materials represented by sapphire, glass, and ceramics are playing an increasingly important role in end products. In order t... more
LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA The first heavyweight industry exhibition in 2021 We are coming! Focus on hot spots in the optoelectronic industry Omni-directional, multi-angle Showcasing popular products and innovative application technologi... more
Upcoming Future∣"one cover, one code" to enjoying shopping Market |A Few Consumers Pleasure   Yiwu YKG Industrial Company is a leading company in China's tinplate easy-open lid and two-piece cans. Its customer base covers Budweiser, Tsingtao, Harbin Beer, Wanglaoji, Coke and... more
Hidden corner? Concave surface? The new 3D laser engraving machine is all done! I wonder if you have ever experienced the crash of finding the serial number on the headset charging box? Dense strings, light gray printing, marking locations that can’t be found without careful searching... ... more
Knowledge丨The future of laser micro-nano processing The 14th National Laser Processing Conference was held in Guangzhou On November 6, 2020. Nearly 500 industry professionals, 150 native and foreign universities, research institutes and companies gathered together... more
Tips For Maintenance: How To Extend Service Life Of Laser Cutting Machine The main components of the laser cutting machine are circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, light source system, and dust removal system. The main daily maintenance parts are the cooling system (to ensure the... more
The technology of automatic edge patrol plays an important role in laser cutting machine application The laser cutting machine relies on the CNC control system to control machine tool, and usually the laser cutting machine will manually straighten the sheet metal before cutting the sheet metal. For the operator, this... more
Laser marking instructs you how to identify brand lenses Recently, Carl Zeiss released the Smart Life series of lenses specially designed for mobile lifestyles and visual habits. As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optical components, Carl Zeiss have always been wel... more
Using laser cuts steel to create “dancing stairs” Stairs made of laser-cut steel can be extraordinary? The designer's ingenious design, the original hard steel, processed by a laser cutting machine, and then positioned and welded on-site, presents a streamlined shape, bec... more
5G large-scale commercialization is arrived, laser technology promotes PCB industry 5G communication comes to our life, the Huawei Voice of Heart community recently released a record of an interview about Zhengfei Ren when we are worrying about when it is most cost-effective to bu... more
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