Starry Night Rush to Help, Strong Guard - HGLASER After-sales Service Story HGLASER is on-line 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere! "OK, right away!" a simple response spans the difficult time of the national war and epidemic, and accompanies every anxious moment on the road of struggle. This is the... more
UV laser coders for PET/HDPE Dairy Containers laser coding Dairy packs UV laser coding machine is often used to print clean and clear product codes in low-temperature dairy production environments. It could also help dairy producers extend uptime, reduce maintenance requ... more
In the Past 20 Years, Change Has Only Been Carried Out, Not Completed! HGLASER aims at the world standard and shoulders the historical mission. Focusing on practice and application, it represents China's laser level.Li Zhengjia, as the witness of laser development, said, "HG technology and HG... more
In the New Era of Low Carbon, Laser Cutting Technology Helps the Lightweight Development of the Automotive Industry! At present, with the adjustment of energy structure and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the automobile industry is developing towards lightweight. Some data show that the fuel consumption decrease... more
Iphone13 Is on Sale! Understand the Laser Technology in the Field of Mobile Phone At present, at least 70% of the links in the field of mobile phone manufacturing are applied to laser technology and laser equipment. In particular, the development of high-power and high-energy UV marking machine, deep UV... more
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