High Power Laser Welding Machine

With advanced technology from Australian, FARLRY•LASERLAB has reached the leading level at home and abroad. With fast welding speed, high efficiency, small heat affected zone and good welding joints quality, the high power laser welding machine of FARLRY•LASERLAB is an important equipment in industrial laser welding.
The welding technology of FARLRY wins a lot of national patent certifications and all kinds of authoritative awards. Our machines are very popular in domestic and have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. FARLRY not only develops first-class laser welding machine, but also provides suitable welding application solutions for customers.

Low Power Laser Welding Machine

The low power laser welding machine of HGLASER has passed International CE Certification, OHSAS18001 Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Quality System Certification and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

With high welding efficiency, small heat affected zone, firm and beautiful welding joints, the series welding machine can weld refractory materials and tiny components. With so many advantages, it keeps ahead in market share, and serves for global industries.

It is widely used in 3C industry welding, aviation, automobile industry, home appliances, medical equipment, electronic industry, communication, hardware, jewelries, sports goods, mould processing, etc.