Large-format 3D Five-axis Cutting 1kW-12kW
WALC Series
For the super-size sheet for efficient cutting, batch used in construction machinery, shipbuilding, rail transit industry, etc. And based on the market demand of large quantity of medium and thick plate groove, we independently developed the large-area five-axis groove cutting equipment on the high-speed and high-precision Siemens system.

Product Data

-Large cross-section beam integral moving structure, double pinion and rack synchronous drive
-The optimized digital control system for Laser cutting made by Siemens in Germany is equipped with a large worktable,
which enhances the humanized operation and stable and reliable movement
-Airborne structure: A variety of core components, such as machine tool electric cabinet, water and gas circuit system, Z
axle box, cutting head and operating table, are installed on the beam
-Fixed workbench (customized) : it is convenient for large plates to be loaded and small plates can be processed
alongside the materials

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