Large-format 3D Five-axis Cutting 1kW-12kW

WALC Series

Large-format 3D Five-axis Cutting 1kW-12kW
Large-format 3D Five-axis Cutting 1kW-12kW
Large-format 3D Five-axis Cutting 1kW-12kW
For the super-size sheet for efficient cutting, batch used in construction machinery, shipbuilding, rail transit industry, etc. And based on the market demand of large quantity of medium and thick plate groove, we independently developed the large-area five-axis groove cutting equipment on the high-speed and high-precision Siemens system.

Product Data

Lightweight beam, high efficiency work


  • Lightweight design of beam, customizable format
  • With a maximum acceleration of 1G and a maximum speed of 80m/min in a single axis, the machine can achieve higher acceleration and speed



Smooth and flat cutting surface, achieving any shape of bevel cutting at will


  • Reduce the process, allowing for a maximum 45-degree range of different shapes and bevel angles at one time
  • Reduce material waste and operating costs



Energy saving and consumption reduction, more economic and environmental protection


  • Box beams are designed in a modular, segmented format to save materials
  • Lightweight bed for simple installation and time savings
  • Integrated air extraction, more space-saving, and the most effective dust removal



technical parameters

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