3D 5-Axis Welding And Cutting 1KW-6KW
SF Series
Mainly for automotive, military, aerospace, construction machinery, shipping, hardware, decoration, medical equipment, mold, household appliances, fitness equipment and other fields of customers, to solve the problem of metal workpiece THREE-DIMENSIONAL cutting, its characteristics are high precision, fast, low cost, simple operation and maintenance.

Product Data

-Stability adopts gantry double drive structure, high stability, can ensure long-term high speed, high precision and stable cutting
-The processing format of SF series is 3m×1.5m, 4m×2m, 4m×2.5m and 6m×2m. If other formats are needed, they can be
customized. At the same time, the table can be selected according to customer demand rotary, translation or fifixed table
-Expandable SF series can not only complete 3d cutting of workpiece, but also be used for plate cutting. At the same time, it is easy to
realize welding module switch on this platform and expand to laser welding platform, realizing one machine with multiple functions
-SF series machine tool safety protection conforms to CE international safety standard
-Compared with robot 3d cutting, it has fast speed and high precision; Compared with the traditional CARBON dioxide laser cutting
machine, the use cost is low, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient

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